Canada – Goose Bay

Last weekend I arrived in Goose Bay, Labrador.

Population: 7 500
Fun Fact: The town was built on sand – so there is sand, everywhere!

I’ve been living with two residents and their very friendly dog. They were kind enough to prepare a feast for me and two other students the other night…


…a feast of suturing fun!

I’m staying in hospital accommodation, which is really quite luxurious; all the residents and visiting medical students stay in a small series of apartments, which makes for a nice community. We all watched an ice hockey match and ate nachos last night – a true Canadian cultural experience…

I’ve been spending most of my time in the hospital: the hospital provides services for all of the coastal communities along the coast, which is challenging as these communities can only be reached by air or water. It is possible to teleconference with the nurses stations in each community: this is how decisions about patient management and the necessity of medical evacuations are made.

Earlier this week, I was lucky enough to be able to go along for an air evacuation.
We took a tiny plane:

plane1Which was actually a small charter plane with some rows of seats taken out to make way for a stretcher:

plane 2

Amazingly, one of the fight nurses grew up just down the road from where I did – tiny world!

The flight itself took less than an hour and the views were phenomenal:
flight1plane2Having said that, the distance and sparsity of the land really drove home just how isolated these communities are.

Much of my week has also been spent in A&E (known as ER here?!) which has been interesting: the team here have such a wide scope of practice – it seems to me as though everyone can do everything!

Outside of the hospital, there’s plenty going on here! Tonight I’m going to see a cajun folk band called Bon Débarras and earlier this week I went to a short film festival. It was super: I’m often impatient to get to the end when watching full length films – but there isn’t time to get restless with short ones!

Finally, I picked up a snazzy pair of slippers:




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    • I love this place – everyone wears Birkies! You would fit right in (with the pair of Birkies I got you for Christmas….)

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