Canada – HVGB: A Marathon, Thanksgiving and Coastal Flights

Last weekend was the town of Happy Valley – Goose Bay’s annual Trapline Marathon. As a newcomer to town, I was immediately volunteered to help out…

The marathon was a fantastic example of what a small town can pull together to achieve: it was a phenomenal event and I was delighted to be able to attend. I was tasked with helping to set out the food for the post-race athletes. Along with the obligatory moose stew, there was also fish and brewis, pronounced brews, (a Newfoundland dish of fish and potatoes, mixed together and served in a mound) and toutons (another Newfoundland special of fried dough). Deee-lish!

The marathon is called the “Trapline”, after the routes that trappers, out collecting fur, would travel along. As a nod to this local history, there was a trapper’s tent at the end of the course for runners to warm up in:

trappers tent


Last Monday was Thanksgiving, and we were all invited to one of the doctors’ houses to celebrate. It was my first Canadian Thanksgiving and it was great: so many lovely people and so much wonderful food! The community here really go out of their way to make visitors feel welcome: I am so grateful for their generosity and kindness.

Later in the week, I went on another air ambulance trip up the coast.

nain plane

Where possible, the patient is transported in an ambulance to the plane, so the plane can just stop, collect the patient and then head straight back down the coast to the big hospital.

air ambulance

Beautiful weather here today, so I’m going to try to round up some fellow hikers and get outside.


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