USA – Alaska, Koyuk – A Short Trip

We took a quick overnight trip to a village called Koyuk: the doctor here in Unalakleet provides a clinic service to several local villages and visits them in turn. Koyuk has a population of around 350, is slightly north of Unalakleet and is incredibly beautiful.

We took a tiny plane…Koyuk 1… and I got to co-pilot sit next to the pilot on the outbound trip.Koyuk 2The views from the plane on the way out and on the way back, were spectacular.Koyuk 5A geographer’s dream…Koyuk 3

We were greeted at the Clinic by the marvellous Health Aides and staff and the doctor quickly got to work, trying to fit in as many patient visits as possible, with only a very quick break for some delicious moose stew.

One of the important things to remember in rural general practice is that it is near impossible to make a plan that will absolutely, definitely be stuck to: there is always something that will divert attention. It takes an easy going manner and good organisation to keep up with it all! I brought a book for any downtime: it didn’t get touched, the whole trip was so busy.

Interestingly, the plane we travelled on doubled as the postal plane for the village: when it came to collect us this afternoon it had, not only boxes of mail, but also masses of food for the grocery store…Koyuk 4…all ready to be loaded onto the four wheeler and delivered from the air strip.

Finally, Koyuk’s ambulance, unlike any other I’ve seen before:Koyuk Ambulance

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  1. It sounds as if you are having a wonderful experience, as well as learning a lot of health care for remote communities. Travel safely. Rachel.

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