Australia – Tasmania

Hello from Down Under!

I’ve been here since the start of January and am having a ball. Everybody I’ve met has been very friendly and the Australian way of life is great: there are BBQ pits on every beach and in many neighbourhoods, free for anybody to use, and the wildlife is fantastic. I am yet to see any snakes (phew) but have seen wallabies, kangaroos, emus, a Tasmanian devil (it may have been roadkill…) and some beautiful birds (including a gannet colony, nice to know what my mum means when she says I eat like one!). No koalas yet, but I’m on the lookout. I’m still not used to seeing kangaroos and wallabies all over the place (particularly on road, the daredevils)!

I thought I did well catching both Canadian and American Thanksgivings, but I also managed to get to an Australia Day celebration in King Island, and here I am with an Australian flag. While the Thanksgivings were hearty meals eaten indoors, Australia Day was a BBQ eaten on the beach.

Gabrielle Deehan

I’ve been very fortunate with the weather, and have been getting outside as much as I can. This is from a walk not too far from Launceston, the second largest town in Tasmania (after Hobart, the capital):


It was glorious. 300 points if you can spot my wallaby friend:


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