The R&A International Scholarship is a fund to encourage students to broaden their minds through international travel, and this blog will follow the activities of the R&A Scholars throughout the year. The current scholars are Shelley Talbot (2013-2014), Amy Quinn (2014-2015) and Gabrielle Deehan (2014-2015).

Amy (2014-2015) – Amy is spending her year volunteering with grassroots local development organizations in Asia. She’s aiming to find out more about these local organizations can work, using a bottom up approach.

Gabby (2014-2015) – Gabby is spending her year working with rural healthcare providers in North America and Scandinavia, learning about techniques they use to deliver best practice services.

Shelley (2013-2014) – Shelley is spending her year volunteering with people with disabilities in Europe, Asia and North America. She’s trying to find out how quality of life differs in different countries, how different services work and how to increase international dialogue.

Amy, Shelley and Gabby

Amy, Shelley and Gabby



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