Australia – Tasmania, King Island

After three weeks in mainland Tasmania, visiting rural clinics, I boarded a plane to King Island. King Island, pop. ~1600, is part of Tasmania but is located in the the Bass Strait – between Tasmania and the mainland. It is famous around here for dairy and, happy days, cheese. While there, I spent time with the local GPs, had a tour of the incredible nursing home facilities, did home visits with the community nurses and spent a day with a visiting psychiatrist.

This was my plane ticket:Sharp Airlines Plane TicketI’d not seen anything quite like it before…

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Canada – Bear Island and Nipissing, Ontario

Today I took a road trip and it was great fun. It might be something about being in Canada: I saw lots of pick up trucks, drivers were very courteous and we made a stop at Tim Horton’s (maybe more than one). Anyway, the trip was to visit two First Nations Reserves.

As I mentioned before, the Northern Ontario School of Medicine places all first year students in Aboriginal communities for a four week placement. Furthermore, the school works throughout the year to maintain and strengthen links with local communities and to ensure that they are accountable to these communities. Some of the communities are close to NOSM’s campuses in Sudbury and Thunder Bay, others are further away. This map is a brilliant illustration of many of the areas that the medical school reaches out to. We visited two that were within driving distance of Sudbury.

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