New Zealand – Bay of Island and Rotorua

From Portland, I headed to New Zealand. Having never been to New Zealand before, I was keen to pack as much sight-seeing int the the short time I had before visiting my next hospital. So, I headed to Rotorua, which is a tourist mecca. It’s most famous for its thermal pools, which did not disappoint! Thermal Pool3¬†Thermal Pool2

Here I was also convinced to go along to a “traditional Maori dinner”. It was totally geared towards tourists but also very fun. We had a presentation which included songs and a haka and then had Haangi. Haangi is a Maori way of preparing food for special occasions and uses a heated pit for heat. We were well fed!

Mitai2 Mitai Haangi

Another wee tourism pitstop I made was up to the Bay of Island. It was glorious and I even caught my supper¬†(the scallops I’m holding in the bottom picture).
Quite different to dry suit diving on Scotland’s east coast…!

Bay of IslandsDiving for Scallops 3